Database and SQL

Learn Database and SQL like a Professional. Start from the basics and go all the way to creating your own applications.

Course includes

Database Management System Concept and its need, logical DBMS architecture, physical DBMS architecture, Data models, Relational model, Relational constraints, Relational Algebra, ER model, ER diagram, Conversion of ER diagram to Relational Database, The transaction, concurrent transactions, the locking protocol, deadlock and its prevention, optimistic concurrency control, database failure, Database recovery, Recovery techniques, Security and Integrity, Authorization, Need of DDBMS, structure of DDBMS, advantages and disadvantages of DDBMS, design of DDBMS, Client Server databases, Database integrity, Normalization and its rules, desirable properties of decomposition, File organization in DBMS and its types, types of indexes, multi key file organization, importance of file organizations in database.

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