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Course includes

Angular JS: Bootstrapping, Static Template, Angular JS Templates, Components, Directory and File Organization, Filtering Repeaters, Two-way Data Binding, XHR & Dependency Injection, Templating Links & Images, Routing & Multiple Views, More Templating, Custom Filters, Event Handlers, REST and Custom Services, Animations.
Overview, Component lifecycle, View encapsulation, Component interaction, Component styles, Sharing data between child and parent directives and components, Content Projection, Dynamic Components, Angular Elements.
Introduction, Text interpolation, Template statements, Pipes, Property binding, Attribute, class, and style binding, Event binding, Two-way binding, Template reference variables, Inputs and Outputs, SVG as templates.
Built-in directives, Attribute Directives, Structural Directives.
Angular Dependency Injection, DI Providers.
Dev Workflow, CLI Builders, Language Service, DevTools, Schematics.
Routing and Navigation, Form, HTTP Client, Testing, Internationalization, Animations, Service Workers & PWA, Web Workers, Server-side Rendering, Prerendering.
Expressions, Modules, Directives, Model, Data Binding, Controllers, Scopes, Filters, Services, Http, Tables, Select, SQL, DOM, Events, Forms, Validation, API, Animation, Routing, Application, Security, Accessibility, Keeping Up-to-Date, Property Binding Best Practices, Lazy Loading Feature Modules, Lightweight Injection Tokens for Libraries.

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